Define Beauty

This is a short entry I guess. 🙇🏻‍♀️
To you, how you define beauty of someone? 
Typical Malaysian consider beautiful people, handsome and 'Merecik Hawau' only in fair white skinn while the one who have tanned skin is not beautiful at all. 
To be honest, even the fair white skin lady who has lot of pimple in the face they also call them beauty. *I know this kind of girl still looking for solution for their face*. Not included the one who will wear an 5 inch make-up everyday. 
How you can define beauty by looking at the physical look? While the inner beauty is more more purest and beautiful things need to look at the first place. 
For me, this type of tanned skin woman, man has their own attraction. But hell yeah, not all Malaysian can accept the tanned skin woman/man. Because the narrowed minded has stated that the most beautiful, handsome man/woman is the one who have a kind of fair white skin. And of course the flawless one. 
To all the tanned skin man/wo…

New Journey


Its been very long Long time for me to update some post here. I am busy preparing myself on the other day before departing to 'Bumi Kenyalang'. It such a hectic week, hectic month but here I am still struggling with tiredness, beauty sleep and study. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Throwing back to 4th Sept 2017,
My very first time apart from my family. The tears don't stop for the whole day. As I hug and gave 'Salaam' to my parents, my tears start falling down. The fact that they can't come with me, or even sent me to Kuching all they can do is just sent me to the airports' gate, and that make me cry so hard. I cry so much just like a kid who just lost their candy. 🙁

Along the way to the Airplane, I keep wiping my unstoppable tear, I just can't stand watching both mommy and daddy crying while waving at me before departing. It just few minute while waiting the aircraft, I miss the home already, I miss my mommy and daddys' voice I miss to see the …



selepas, tenangkan fikiran, susun semula idea-idea cliche,
finally, boleh taip sesuatu di blog yang mungkin inshaAllah bukanlah sesuatu omongan kosong.

Bila mana kita berbicara soal percaya, yakni TRUST.
kita soal balik diri kita yang terkadang jatuh tersungkur, yang kadang sombong mendabik dada.

Bila mana, kita persoalkan kepercayaan kita terhadap Illahi atas tiap satu yang dia berikan kepada kita.


i do believe with this phrase,

"Percayalah pada Tuhan,
Tuhan tidak akan memisahkan sesuatu yang telah ditakdirkan untuk bersama."

sweet bukan?

Dalam konteks Jodoh, terpisahlah sekalipun antara dua benua, If Allah wills, she/he still be yours.

Ingat kisah Nabi Adam dan Hawa? dibuang dari Syurga Allah dan terpisah. Tapi dengan Izin Allah mereka dipertemukan kembali.

Dalam konteks Rezeki, genggam lah erat macam mana sekalipun. hold it tight till the very end, jika bukan milik kita ya, dia akan terlepas seperti mana terlepasnya debunga bila di …



Hey, after been through those hard time, those uneasy feeling. and so on.

Finally I can take a deep breath. and have a good night sleep. Because waiting is over. Waiting for UPU is over. Even though I am not accepted by the university that I really want, but hey I am so grateful at least I can continue my study into programme that I like much.

I got UNIMAS for:

This such a big news for me. I never thought I could grab this chance to be what I want to be in future.

Your warm wishes and pray I am very appreciated. may Allah bless you gaiss, my lovely readers xoxo.

However, congratulation to those who got accepted into any UA in Malaysia.
Our hardwork are pay now. This is super incredible thing for us. Wonderful feeling ever. Because STPM leavers know very well those hard time we have been through in 3 semester plus with repeat paper and endless assignment. May those experience be useful in university lat…



Toughiest week ever.  This nervous was so endless.  I am so desperately can't get enough sleep because of this endless nervous. 
Today is 31st July, the end of July month, end of my month. However remembering less than 3 days the upu result come out, makes me feel so so so terrible. Yeap, this never happen to me before, except for everytime I have to take my result. 
My heart beating so fast, and I do really need reliever. I am so so pretty having pain in my chest because of my heart beating so fast. 
Do pray for me my lovely readers. "Wani accept to any UA" Ameen. 
'Dear heart, stay calm, everything would be fine.'
With endless nervous, Smoochie 

Count down time!


Again back and share the thoughts that have been stuck in my mind for few days.
Well, count down time what I really mean is,

"Hebahan keputusan UPU bagi lepasan STPM/SETARAF"


Have to admit it. It scare me and of course haunt me everytime.
To-admit, my heart beat so fast and I just don't know how to handle it anymore.

I have read some articles on internet,
it says that

If we have something that disturbing our mind, or we have been nervous for taking an exam or because of something, one of the way to cure is jot down everything inside a paper.

however, I am not to jot down into a piece of paper. But I pour everything inside my heart into this super cutie blog ever.

The real-main-point- here is,

I am desperately need pray from all of my lovely readers, so I can go to university.
The last thing I really want in my life after going to Mekah.

Due to the countdown it is less than 4 days to go. because the result can check at UPU website on 3rd A…

Its Time


Tick Tock,
and the clock is ticking.

I have nothing to share actually, but this kind of thing just come across my mind. Where I do not know really why do I have to think about this.

Where, we put an hope onto something that we really don't know where the end of it.
putting some hope that absolutely nobody can guarantee the percentage of getting something that not written to be mine.

And I guess its time for me to walk away and move on. Move on from those kind of memory that haunts me every night. Haunts me every time even a every second.

Those words that hurts me haunt me even when I am want to take a bath. And yess! It is so annoyed me. -EVERYTIME-

Now I do pray and keep asking The Almighty that do not let my heart get attached to what's not mine.

Its time to stop everything. And keep moving on. Forget everything that bring painful memories and harsh word that might broke my heart into a pieces.

I do really hope.
I really want it.
I desperately want …