Ramadhan Kareem


Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my fellow friends.

Finally the hectic week just done. And its time for final exam!!!
So I am stealing my own time to update here instead of doing some revision for my final. 

Guess who is happy going back home in 18 days to go?

Compared to the previous semester, this semester more tough than ever. But this semester I managed to handle my endless homesickness. I managed to persuade myself that everythings gonna be okay. I am believing in myself with the Guidance from The Almighty, I manage to handle it. And I thought it was the biggest challenging things for this semester.

Busiest semester ever. I guess I should take a short rest whenever it comes to semester 2. It is not all about merit, but the experience that I chased for my future references. Join too much activity until I do not get enough rest for myself. Too many things need to handle in one time. Until up in one point, I'm sick. Fever.Cough.Flu …

Mid Sem Break!


Assalamualaikum and hello kuddos. how are you?

Mid Sem break just started and I would like to spent some times here after been so long time hiatus.

Semester 2 of year 1 and its April now!,

I guess I manage to handle my homesickness that never endless. Homesick started right away after three days not in my own home.
Choosing living far away from my family wasn't the best choice ever. Even though I want to learn more in others country. But now I am regretting my choice.

Live far away from your own home, start to manage your own time, your own class your routine every morning till the midnight, and sometimes it sucks.

sometimes the pressure really hit on the nail. Maybe because of few factors like your own roomates or housemate. Its a battle for me to face every one of them with different kind of attitude that sometimes give me an headache, stress and made me become bad woman.

I just can't wait to end this semester and get new room after this and hoping n…

Wonderful 2017


Stealing my time for update something here after been a while. Since I am also feeling so not well while preparing for my finals this tuesday. #prayforwani

Alhamdulillah Done with 365 day for 2017, I have lot of fun and joy for whole of the year. I felt blessed and grateful for everything since I achieved lot of things in 2017 same just like my 2016.

Lets recap few highlight moment in 2017;

1. Holiday with family.

I do really enjoy all the time spent with my family. Holiday in Sabah and KL. Not really an vacation but short escape. I felt blessed, since it is hard for my family member to gather even in Eidulfitri or Eid-Adha it is really hard.  and last year where all of us can spend the time together, fasting together and celebrate Raya together after been a while.
2. Good Grades
Good grades doesn't define your intelligence, yet good grades makes your love ones happy to the max and of course make yourself happy and proud. Because you know your hard work ar…

My past and present

Going to BAYU showcase last night, and I am reminding my high school year, meet up and gathers with the high school band.

what make me more saddest, after the accident 9 years ago, I can't play piano very well already. :( And of course I remember my partner in crime Iza for study and remember all the keys for drums since I like drum much more better than the guitar. But I like to see people who play guitar well although I can't play it well but I like it.

To express something that I really not used to it, only by listening to music, hardcore music sometimes, my cliche never end poem and so on so fort. so many things I have learnt this time. are from the countryside, my own hometown, travelling as a student here in Sarawak teach so many things, maybe I could put it as an main entry for next post. And of course High school were the best memory ever.

p/s: Za if you read this, did you still remember our past time? learning and remembering all the notes drum instead of biology and…

To everyone.

Been hiatus for some quite time.

Busy with assignment, endless classes, quiz, examination and some activity college. Due to this kind of busyness, i recieved some emails and message from anymously regarding their thoughts and feeling. and I have read through some of bio description about someone having difficulty about their feelings and so on so fort.

There's stranger on Sarahah and asking me a Question, how I can live happily despite the endless busy life I have.

So this is my answer. It depends on how we manage the problem and our schedule. You might saw me happy go lucky person, but deep inside my heart I have tons of problem. Since I am at home but not in my own home, the homesickness is sucks me. I have to cry everyday before I'm sleep. Scare enough if get calls from hometown. And hoping when received the calls it bring some happy news instead of bad news.

About heart matter,
I do have some heart matter. I mean lovey-dovey problem, fami…

Define Beauty

This is a short entry I guess. 🙇🏻‍♀️
To you, how you define beauty of someone? 
Typical Malaysian consider beautiful people, handsome and 'Merecik Hawau' only in fair white skinn while the one who have tanned skin is not beautiful at all. 
To be honest, even the fair white skin lady who has lot of pimple in the face they also call them beauty. *I know this kind of girl still looking for solution for their face*. Not included the one who will wear an 5 inch make-up everyday. 
How you can define beauty by looking at the physical look? While the inner beauty is more more purest and beautiful things need to look at the first place. 
For me, this type of tanned skin woman, man has their own attraction. But hell yeah, not all Malaysian can accept the tanned skin woman/man. Because the narrowed minded has stated that the most beautiful, handsome man/woman is the one who have a kind of fair white skin. And of course the flawless one. 
To all the tanned skin man/wo…

New Journey


Its been very long Long time for me to update some post here. I am busy preparing myself on the other day before departing to 'Bumi Kenyalang'. It such a hectic week, hectic month but here I am still struggling with tiredness, beauty sleep and study. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Throwing back to 4th Sept 2017,
My very first time apart from my family. The tears don't stop for the whole day. As I hug and gave 'Salaam' to my parents, my tears start falling down. The fact that they can't come with me, or even sent me to Kuching all they can do is just sent me to the airports' gate, and that make me cry so hard. I cry so much just like a kid who just lost their candy. 🙁

Along the way to the Airplane, I keep wiping my unstoppable tear, I just can't stand watching both mommy and daddy crying while waving at me before departing. It just few minute while waiting the aircraft, I miss the home already, I miss my mommy and daddys' voice I miss to see the …